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Aug 23

Anonymous said: 1. favorite curse word? 2. you have the chance to do anything you want to one person who's wronged you in the past and get away with it completely. what do you do (and who would you do it to, if you feel like sharing that too?) 3. you have the chance to do anything you want for someone you care about (regardless of cost or practicality or impossibility). what do you do (and for who?)

fuck, it’s so fucking versatile

im not super vengeful, it’s usually strangers that hurt me the most, but I’d punch my ex if i could, he deserves it

I’d pay for someone’s college debt if i could

“Among the bourgeoisie, you’ll find more forgiveness for the murderer who takes a life from the human community than for the thief who […] simply changes the place and ownership of things.” written in 1906 by Italian anarchist Luigi Fabbri, still shockingly relevant to the murder of Michael Brown over 100 years later (via marxvx)

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holographic colors

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baradrax said: i ship u w/ rocket so much you have nO idea (but it's ur fault)


finnemoron said: I ship you with Tenzin ayo


this tenzin???

you didn’t give me a reason and i need one cause i haven’t seen a single ep of korra (even tho i really want to cause a:tla was my fave)

i know nothing about him

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